About Us

Nikah Forum is not a dating website but rather a site made specifically for Muslims who are looking to get married. We advise our members to follow the rules of Islam (Shariah) when interacting with one another. If you, a brother, are interested in speaking to a Muslim sister, we advise contacting her Wali and asking permission first. We also advise Muslim parents to sign up on behalf of their sons or daughters, so they can work together in finding the best suitable match.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to follow the rules of Islam when dealing with the opposite gender. We are doing our best to make sure we can provide a halal environment for Muslim men and women to find potential spouses. For this reason, we do not have chat rooms where people can publicly socialize about topics not related to marriage, nor do we have options of “sending flirts” as other Muslim Marriage sites do. As a reminder to all of us, Allah (swt) is watching all our actions, online and offline.

It is solely passion that drives the team of The Bombay Patel Welfare Trust to work to bring together millions of single hearts on one platform to find their desired partner for life. It is also very simple to go through the procedure of finding your life partner with Nikah Forum, you just have to create your profile and rest we will do or you!

This Nikah Forum is a kind of platform Created to assist Muslim brothers sisters to create their matrimonial profile so they can search the potential possible matches, The Patel Welfare society does not take ownership of any kind of verification, validation, and family or bride/ groom background checks of any registered applicants, It is the responsibility of Registered member and their guardian to check and verify the authenticity of each applicant.

It’s so Simple to find a Perfect Match for You:


Step 1

Profile Registration.


Step 2

Verify your email and mobile number through a received link.


Step 3

Once verified, Now you can log-in and enter your details and submit.


Step 4

Now you can search for suitable searches, you may receive suitable matches of register applicants through our automated match Based on your preferences.


Step 5

You can manage your profile, here you have an option to send, accept, Under Review or Decline the proposal, The status of the proposal can be clearly seen in the proposal section.


Step 6

Once suitable Proposal is accepted than Contact Details of the applicant will be visible for further consideration from both the parties.