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Why Donate Us?

For the education schemes, The Bombay Patel Welfare Society has recovered the fund by a voluntary donation from our community’s respected member locally and internationally. We require more and more funds to promote all said societies for building and maintaining the accommodation we have a team of staff members.
The Bombay Patel Welfare Society appears to you to support us in any one or more of the ways to promote high education in our community.

To pay us donation amount to be set aside as corpus to take the deficit of the fund in an appropriate manner
Paying for educational cost on the basis of approximate cost per student to school or colleges
Paying capital expenditure in terms of building cost for a poor member of our society
By taking responsibility for the scholarship for a group of students or individual students.
The Bombay Patel Welfare Society requests all our brothers and sisters all over the world to support the cause and uplift our community to stand in the lines of others.

Education Scholarship Scheme (ESS)

Under the scheme, students develop all-round personalities under The Bombay Patel Welfare Society care. This scheme has been in existence for the last years, we had students on the roll.

And get rewarded